Focus IP Group, LLC

IP Consulting

Focus IP Group provides consulting services in all areas of technology transfer, technology commercialization and IP management.

Specific expertise includes:

Technology Valuation

Dr. Stevens will provide valuations of healthcare technologies to academic institutions and early stage companies. Dr. Stevens is known for his expertise in valuing early stage technologies:

Technology Scouting

Dr. Stevens’ 30 years in the biotechnology industry and as a leader in the technology transfer field have given him a rich network of contacts in the innovation ecosystem in the Boston area, and, through a network of like-minded affiliates, throughout the world.

He and his affiliates leverage their networks to provide life sciences companies with a unique conduit to partnering opportunities with both academic institutions and early stage biotechnology companies.

Business Development

Over 30 years, Dr. Stevens has negotiated over 200 licenses to various types of intellectual property with large, small and start-up companies. Through his legal practice, he has seen how licenses and partnerships can go wrong.

He applies this rich experience base to advise companies, academic institutions and individuals on how to structure licenses and negotiate partnerships to maximize value and avoid pitfalls that could cause relationships to fall part downstream.

Strategic Consulting

Dr. Stevens has carried out and published ground-breaking research in numerous areas of early stage technology commercialization. He has an unrivalled knowledge of the sources of data about technology transfer globally.

He has undertaken strategic consulting assignments for countries, universities and companies.